Borrow instead of buy.

Clothes that grow with your baby.
From newborn to 2 years.

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Pay by the month.
Borrow from a collection of basics.
Swap when baby grows.

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We are a lending club for baby clothes.

We provide sustainable clothing for babies between 0-24 months in Hong Kong.

See how it works.


Get a custom bundle of clothes.

Tell us a bit about baby’s habits and style. We’ll get you started with a custom bundle of all the things you need.

Explore our bundles.

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Wear and then return.

You keep each item as long or a short as you need. Swap out individual items or the whole bundle at any time for free.

Learn about swaps

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Fuss free. Guilt free. Clutter free.

  • Always have the right size.

  • Skip the effort of hunting for secondhand.

  • Keep closets and drawers tidy.

  • Feel confident that nothing is going to waste.

See why CEVIETNAM is great.

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Real life guarantee.

Stains, wear and tear, a lost piece now and again? Whatevs. We won’t punish you for your baby being a baby.

We promise.

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For a fair monthly price.

Buying baby clothes costs a fortune, every three months. Our biggest bundles are worth over HK$1800 retail, you’ll never pay that much with Coo.

Membership options

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Start baby on the right footprint.

There’s something broken about how we consume, and baby clothes, as cute as they are, are part of it. We’re here to change that.

Join today.

Still waiting for baby to grow?
Get a reminder!

We’ll send you an reminder, and a discount code for one month free membership to start.*

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